The Lilly Pond – Broderie Anglaise & Richelieu Cutwork, RSN

This image combines Broderie Anglaise & Richelieu Cutwork.   Broderie Anglaise is a delicate technique that creates a lace like pattern using cut out areas of cutwork and satin stitches.  The technique is also called ‘Eyelet Embroidery’.  Richelieu Cutwork is a technique using eyelets and ladders of buttonholes stitch.  This whitework imagery follows traditional lines of the lilly pond, along with Carp, lilly pads and bubbles and the circular element of the design is the pond itself.  The different density of stitches gives the embroidery texture and the fine trailing outlines various parts of the design.

Cutwork Watermark
Final Piece
Stage 1. Design illustration


Stage 3. The blue pen is water soluble, but use deionised water so that their is no staining later on down the line. 


Stage 4. Eyelets of various sizes.  Complete everything before cutting the fabric away. 

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