Silk Shaded Artichoke – RSN


Recently I worked on a silk shading image of a beautiful purple artichoke.  The photo is stunning and I hope I did it justice with my efforts of painting in thread.  This wasn’t a particularly difficult piece, as the direction of the threads were fairly straight and there isn’t much of a turn-over on the leaves (petals?) of the artichoke.  What was so pleasurable was the blending of the colours and giving the tips there electric yellow points, which brought the whole image to life.  Overall I’m pretty pleased with this piece.




4 thoughts on “Silk Shaded Artichoke – RSN

  1. Your Artichoke is beautiful, and you have captured the essence of the sharp pointed and prickly petals so well. They look like they will actually prick your finger.


    1. That’s so true, and I also like the sense of curvature on the ‘petals’ which really do appear to wrap around the heart.


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