The Blue Coat – Canvas Stitches, RSN

I am so pleased with this canvas stitch project.  The bold shape and dramatic cut of the hair, plus the wonderful colour of the coat were a joy to stitch.  The image is a Tim Walker photograph of  the model Edie Campbell for Vogue Italia in December 2015.  Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers, such an amazing imagination.  I wanted to give the definition of the coat a slight 3D effect, so I used raised stitches such as rhode and upright cross.  The hair is stitched in silk and the background in stranded cotton.  The background was stitched in byzantine stitch, although I altered the count, then it moves on to oatmeal, which is one of my favourite stitches and that blended really well with the reversed cushion stitch in the bottom left hand corner.  Shading the background to give it depth and a painterly mood was a lot of fun.  I love blending colour so this was a great image to work on.

 img_5849Finished piece

img_5575 Stage 1. The start of stitching along side the original image

img_5795Stage 2. The range of blues make the stitches work wonderfully

img_5806Stage 3. A close up with the shading and colouring of the face


3 thoughts on “The Blue Coat – Canvas Stitches, RSN

  1. Hi Chrissie – it was lovely to meet you yesterday. Your work is absolutely beautiful, and truly inspiring. I also really like the way you have set up your website as it is so clear, simple, user-friendly and effective. Hope to see you again soon.


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