Scotch Mule – Blackwork, RSN

Happy New Year to everyone!

I am starting 2017 with a piece of Blackwork that is a favourite of mine.  The image was taken from an old agricultural magazine of an etching that I found online, artist unknown.  I love the positioning of the sheep against the hedge behind.  After a bit of research I decided that the sheep looked most similar to the Scotch Mule and so I have labeled them as so.  I really enjoyed the freestyle darning stitches that I used to create the faces.  I mounted the work against a white background, as a grey background in my opinion deadens the white of the fabric.

1. Finished Piece

img_43222. The pale blue thread give the outline for stitching

img_44203. Normally you start from the front and work backwards, but in order to create the shape I started from the back and worked forward.

img_44334. The key to blackwork is tone and shading.

img_44605. The shadows on the floor add a further dimension to the image.

img_44406. Close up of the sheeps faces.


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