Jacobean Crewel Work: Deerheart Tree – RSN

This is my first ever piece of Jacobean crewel work and I think I was being a little over ambitious at the time of design.  I was inspired by Tracy Franklin’s work and excited by the numerous styles and techniques that could be used.  Now I am more familiar with the technique I prefer to keep it a little simpler with cleaner lines as seen in my Hedgehog piece.  However, there is a lot in this design that I do like; the colour combinations, the variety of stitches (all 101 of them!), the riot of foliage and especially my young male stag whose muscles have been worked not as an attempt at realism, but in a stylised manner that stands out beautifully.  As the festive season is fast approaching I think this is a fine picture to have up over the Christmas period.


Final Piece


Stage 1. The planning stage


Stage 2. Stem, raised chain and chain stitch for the gnarly tree trunk


Stage 3. The flower head is starting to take shape.


Stage 4. I particularly love this flower.

The combination of burton stitch and coloured threads work.


Stage 5. The detail that can be achieved with Jacobean shouldn’t be underestimated.


Stage 6. Stem stitch swirls are used on his rump, stomach and forelegs.


5 thoughts on “Jacobean Crewel Work: Deerheart Tree – RSN

  1. No worries, when I started my crewel work piece I googled to see what might be expected from me and was blown away with your work. Really inspirational- thank you for sharing.


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