RSN Applique – Circle of Life: Life – Part 2

‘Life’ is the second part of a ‘Circle of Life’ triptych, which is stumpwork  (mainly the leaves and the bumblebee) and a lot of applique.  The techniques used range from smocking for the halo, cord making, a variety of edging including frayed, raw, couched, turned and trailing.  Plus applied embellishment.  The background was handpainted using water colour paints and a variety of fabrics were used.  ‘Life’ is made up of characters within my family that I have transmogrified into animal forms.  The symbols are mathematical symbols for alpha beta, which also conveniently depict my parents initials.  

Finished Piece


Stage 1. The background is in and the padding is being built up for the wings and face.  I am also trying to decide on a layout for the added appliqued flowers.
Stage 2. The padding for the head is attached over the applied smocking halo.
Version 2
Stage 3. My little red fox is made in Moon fabric wool not felt.  I am very pleased with his expression and overall apperence, including his turkey rug tail tip.

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