Circle of Life: Birth – part 1

Birth is the first part of a ‘Circle of Life’ triptych, which is a combination of stumpwork and applique.  I have taken my inspiration for ‘Birth’ from a photograph by Max Von Gumppenberg & Patrick Bienert that was published in Italian Vogue in March 2014.  The dress in the photograph is a Valentino Haute Courture, my dress is purely an interpretation!  The symbol is the mathematical symbol for the golden ratio, which is seen repeatedly throughout nature.

Completed work
Inspiration – Photograph by Gumppenberg & Bienert
Stage 1 – Hand painted background, water colour on linen
Stage 2 – Felt and stuffing creates the shape
Stage 3 – Starting with the torso, cover with silk and lace. Starting the face.
Stage 4 – Finishing touches to the face and hair.
Stage 5 – Creating a pattern for the sleeve fabric.
Stage 6 – Finishing touches to the dress. Using Merchant & Mills ‘Entomology Pins’ are excellent with silk.





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