Goldwork Octopus – RSN

This octopus was inspired by the stone carvings that you find at the Natural History Museum in London.  It was worked using basic Goldwork techniques at the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court.  For the next 3 months it is on show at The Zig Zag building in London Victoria for Jupitar Asset Management, as they are holding a private exhibition under the title of ‘Sealife’.

Completed Goldwork Octopus
Stage 1 – Apply the yellow craft felt padding.
Stage 2 – Couching the head with Japanese threads.
Stage 3 – Working the various legs with a mixture of Japanese thread, Twist and medium Rococo.
Stage 3 – Plunging the ends and finishing off with Pearl Purl edge.
Stage 4 – Applying the chips using Bright Check and 2mm Spangles, and finally the cutwork with Smooth Purl.



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